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Seated in the nest of the North Atlantic Ocean, Ireland is one of the regions that has so many things and activities to offer newlywed couples.

So, after marriage, what better way than to choose one of the exotic Ireland honeymoon packages to explore this country?

The best part of choosing one of the exciting Ireland honeymoon packages is that it lets you explore and enjoy the tranquility of Ireland’s best places.

Ancient castles, lovely and welcoming people, astounding terrain, ochre mountains, sea cliffs, vast and expanded sandy beaches—what can you not have in one single country?

Therefore, from digging into the history of this island to savoring some heavenly views of the surroundings, from experiencing the archetypal prehistoric castles and ruins to finding yourself walking amid the islands and sweeping wilds,

A vacation in this enticing region with some lavish Irish honeymoon packages is surely a treat for every tourist, including married couples.

Top 5 Bestselling Honeymoon Packages Offered By Ireland

Honeymoon packages offered by the hotels and resorts in Ireland are excellent. So, the top 5 bestselling Ireland honeymoon packages are presented here that are availed by most couples while planning their honeymoon trips.

Name Of The Package Duration Inclusions Price
Irish Gateway Honeymoon Package 7 days Flights, Accommodations, and Activities $1946/person
Explore London with the Ireland Honeymoon Package 9 days Flights, Hotels, Transfers, Activities $1890/person
Aonghus Youth Honeymoon Package (Guide Tour) 8 days Flights, Hotels, Transfers $1980/person
The United Kingdom and Ireland Honeymoon Package 9 days Hotels, Flights, and Transfers $2716/person
Irish Romance with Luxury Honeymoon Package 9 days Hotels, Flights, Transfers, and Activities $1900/person


Ireland Honeymoon Packages: Details

Well, almost in every honeymoon package offered by the hotels in Ireland, you will find the same facilities, amenities, and activities.

Very few of these resorts and hotels offer only accommodations and flights. Apart from those resorts, inclusions and exclusions are the same.

The average cost of these honeymoon packages starts from $2000 to $2500 for each person. These costs can be increased based on the package, accommodations, and activities couples choose.

So, now, you should take a look at the inclusions, exclusions, and facilities of these Ireland honeymoon packages.


  • Flights (to/from Ireland)
  • Accommodations (In Multiple Luxurious Hotels and Resorts)
  • Transfers
  • Activities
  • Meals
  • There are several perks for honeymoon couples.


  • Anything that is not mentioned in the honeymoon package.
  • The personal expenses of the couples


  • Sanitized and secured rooms
  • Free and high-speed internet
  • Free meals
  • Salon and spa facilities
  • Staying in multiple luxurious hotels
  • Standard double room with 1 double bed,
  • Ensuite
  • Complete city view
  • Exciting activities and amenities
  • Free gyms and workout sessions
  • 24-hour room service
  • 24-hour front desk service

Amenities That Hotels And Resorts Provide In Ireland

While traveling to Ireland, the basic amenities that all hotels provide are secured and sanitized bedrooms, free internet, free parking, and sometimes meals.

However, when you avail of some exciting Ireland honeymoon packages, your partner and you are offered to enjoy some adventurous tours and activities along with the amenities.

Let’s see the top highlights.

1. You can avail of multiple-day trips in Ireland. Ring of Kerry and Skiing Ring Private Tour, Newgrange and Hill of Tara Private

2. Tour from Dublin and Cliffs of Moher Luxury car Tour are some of the most popular day trips in Ireland.

3. As for the bus trips, you can enjoy Ireland’s famous Wild Atlantic Way and Galway City Tour from Dublin, Northern Ireland Highlights, Giant Causeway from Dublin, Wicklow’s Historic Gaol Day Tour, and more.

4. Cultural tours are a must when you are in Ireland. Avail of the Fast-track Easy Access Book of Kells Tour, Alternative Dublin Walking Tour, Blarney Castle Day Tour from Dublin, and more, and explore the creative cultures in Ireland.

5. Some private and luxury tours are specially designed for honeymoon couples in Ireland. They include a tour of Kilkenny, Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough, and more. the cost here starts from $41 for each person.

6. You will also be able to avail yourself of some rail tours in Ireland that are full of scenic beauty. Cork and Blarney Castle Rail Tour and Ring of Kerry Rail Trip from Dublin are two famous rail trips in Ireland.

Romantic Places To Visit In Ireland: Day Wise (Best For Couples)

Ireland never disappoints couples with its most romantic places. Couples can visit multiple destinations in Ireland where they can spend some romantic moments.

So, the below sections will tell you about those places that are best for couples.

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Day 1

Ireland Honeymoon Packages

Butler House: Butler House is a four-star resort and a perfect place for couples to spend the weekends in Ireland. This resort provides guests with 6 different types of luxurious rooms.

Activities To Do: Enjoy the exotic food seating in the in-house restaurants of this resort., Have your favorite wine and relax in the garden bar, Stay at this resort and explore multiple castles in Kilkenny.

Price: Starts from $122/night

Transport Availability: Car, Bus, Bike

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5

Address: 16 Patrick, St Gardens, Kilkenny

Day 2

Ireland Honeymoon Packages

Glasson Lake House: Glasson Lake House is an opulent accommodation located near Athlone. With deluxe rooms and cabin suites, it is an ideal place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon days.

Activities To Do: Play golf at the golf course., Enjoy multiple local foods at in-house restaurants., Spend alone time in the heated pool, Go for a run

Price: Starts from $250/night

Transport Availability: Cars, Bikes

Famous Evening Activities: Nightclubs and DJs, Live music

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

Address: Lakehouse, Killinure, Glasson, co, Westmeath, N37 HX45

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Day 3

Ireland Honeymoon Packages

Hodson Bay Hotel: It is one of the most romantic hotels in Ireland, specially designed for couples.

Activities To Do: Enjoy the relaxing spa service and explore the design and the artwork of the hotel.

Price: Starts from $94/night

Transport Availability: Cars, Bikes

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

Address: Hodson Bay Roscommon Road, Athlone, Co. Roscommon, N37 XR82

Day 4

Ireland Honeymoon Packages

Aghadoe Hotel and Spa: Situated in County Kerry, it is one of the most opulent resorts in Ireland. Couples can find several romantic activities here.

Activities To Do: Enjoy the Spa services, Go to the bars and restaurants, and Enjoy the live music

Prices: Starts from $230/night

Transport Availability: Cars, Bikes

Ratings: 4 out of 5

Address: Lakes of Kilkenny, Nunstown, Killarney, Co. Kerry, V93 DH59

Things To Be Aware Of While Planning Your Honeymoon In Ireland

Considering the weather, rules, regulations, and safety precautions, there are multiple things that couples should be aware of while planning their honeymoons in Ireland.

As Ireland has its own set of rules, travelers should know the country very well before going there.

Items To Be Taken In Ireland

  1. Belt
  2. Ties
  3. Hat and Gloves
  4. Scarf
  5. Umbrella
  6. Handbag
  7. Travel purse
  8. Jewelry
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Makeup kits and makeup removers
  11. Hairbrush
  12. Q-tips
  13. Leather shoes
  14. Rain jacket

Safety Precautions

As for the safety precautions, there are some rules and you have to act according to them. You should ignore the following things while traveling to Ireland:.

  1. Do not leave the valuable items open.
  2. Lock the door from inside when you are in the room and vice-versa.
  3. Do not wear such clothes in which you look super rich.
  4. Do not walk around the streets of Ireland alone. If needed, get the help of the local police.
  5. Be very careful at train stations, tourist sights, and transport hubs.
  6. Have a basic map of the area where you are staying.
  7. Have a layout of the accommodation in Ireland.
  8. Maintain the Irish law properly.
  9. Avoid wearing those dresses that are a big no-no in Ireland.
  10. Places like Fitton Street and Anderson’s Quay in Cork are to be ignored in Ireland.

Weather In Ireland

Well, Ireland is generally cold and you will witness heavy rainfall often in this country. The weather is mostly full of moisture here.

Especially, from January to April, the weather here is extremely tough. However, from May to October, the temperature rise

Clothes To Wear In Ireland

Be very practical! Due to the heavy rainfall, extreme cold, and unpredictable weather, you should wear cozy jackets, thermals, and sweaters.

Ireland is not a country where you can wear light clothes. Get ready to wear leather shoes, jackets, and a scarf before traveling to Ireland.

Best Time To Go To Ireland

The months from January to April are quite bad in Ireland. The extreme rainfall, wet weather, and cold will not permit you to travel and enjoy your vacation days in Ireland.

However, the prices of hotels, resorts, and flights are quite cheap during these months.

In the month of May, the temperature in Ireland begins to rise. So, this month is the best time of the year to travel to Ireland. You will be able to beat the summer crowd as well at this time.

The peak season in Ireland is in the month of June. If you are planning to visit Ireland for your honeymoon and May is not the month for you, you can travel to Ireland from September to November.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Ireland good for a honeymoon?

Well, many newly-wed couples choose the Maldives, Iceland, or other European countries to celebrate their weddings and new journey of life. But what they forget is Ireland.

Now, the country, Ireland is one of the best places to celebrate a honeymoon for couples.

From adventurous journeys to romantic day outs, from heaven-like landscapes to great local food, Ireland will provide newlywed couples with everything they need for a lifetime experience.

Multiple cities in Ireland, including Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast, and more, can present couples with multiple romantic places and restaurants where they can spend alone time.

In short, stepping into bygone traditions, awash with magical folks and mystical tales, this region has everything that you need for beauty and romance.

Q2. What is an Irish honeymoon?

An Irish honeymoon indicates spending a romantic vacation with your life partner in Ireland after marriage. The regions of Ireland are the ideal romantic gateways for couples.

Once you two visit Ireland, you will never forget the hospitality and warm welcome of the people in this country.

The celestial landscapes, such as glens filled with sweeping lakes, deserted beaches, and their broad sandy stretches, and winding and long roads covered with trees, are enough to mesmerize you like no other.

You will find the countryside of Ireland filled with emerald green, which is entirely different from the countryside of other European countries.

Staying in some of the finest manor hotels and Irish castles can be your best vacation day ever. Several honeymoon packages in Ireland will offer to stay in such castles and hotels.

Q3. How much do all-inclusive honeymoons cost in Ireland?

Well, you will be able to find different all-inclusive honeymoon packages in Ireland that offer different costs.

However, whatever all-inclusive honeymoon packages you avail yourself in Ireland, you will have to be ready to bear an average of 6670 United States Dollars for it.

The prices will increase based on the package and activities you choose for your honeymoon.

However, almost all-inclusive honeymoon packages let couples enjoy 4-day private chauffeur tours, access the most romantic sites in the country, stay in ancient Irish castles and manor hotels,

explore adventurous journeys, and many more things.

Q4. Where I should go for my honeymoon?

Deciding your honeymoon destination can be one of the toughest jobs for newly-wed couples.

While planning the destination of your honeymoon, you need to consider so many things, such as the budget, time frame, travel style, and a lot more.

Now, the world is a place that has plenty of regions that can be considered heaven on earth. Therefore, choosing your honeymoon destination is not at all easy. Here are some tips that will assist you in choosing your honeymoon destination:

Q5. What is the best time to go to Ireland?

Ireland is a country that is best known for its heavy rain and cold weather. So, you need to select a particular time of the year when you can plan to visit Ireland for your honeymoon. Now, the months from January to April are quite bad in Ireland.

The extreme rainfall, wet weather, and cold will not permit you to travel and enjoy your vacation days in Ireland. However, the prices of hotels, resorts, and flights are quite cheap during these months.

In the month of May, the temperature in Ireland begins to rise. So, this month is the best time of the year to travel to Ireland. You will be able to beat the summer crowd as well at this time.

The peak season in Ireland is in the month of June. Prices of resorts and flights are quite high at this time. July and August are the busiest months in Ireland because many families come to spend vacations here.

If you are planning to visit Ireland for your honeymoon and May is not the month for you, you can travel to Ireland from September to November. You will find lower prices in these months than in May.

Q6. Is Ireland romantic?

Well, Ireland is considered one of the most romantic places around the world for couples. This country in Europe can offer couples everything that they want to make their honeymoon days worth remembering.

From romantic beaches to ancient Irish castles, from romantic restaurants to exotic Irish foods, Ireland is like a dream heaven for making romantic memories of all ages.

Batty Langley Lodge, Newforge House, Ballynahinch Castle, Culloden Estate and Spa, Ballyfin Demesne, etc. are some exotic and romantic places that couples can visit while traveling in Ireland.

Apart from these, various honeymoon packages in Ireland offer several romantic activities to newly married couples.

Q7. Ending Note On Ireland Honeymoon Packages

Filled with vast sandy beaches, towering sea cliffs, rocky limestone hills, and ochre mountains, Ireland is a must-visit for newly-wed couples.

If both your partner and you are lovers of history, adventure, pastoral scenic beauty, and creative cultures, you both must visit this country in Europe once in your life.

Just be cautious about the rules set by the Irish government and you will be fine. So, pack your bags and have a safe journey. Good Luck!

Select A Place That Suits Your Budget.

Think of your dream country and plan your honeymoon according to that place. Many people love to visit countries in the United States, Tropical regions, and more like that.

Choose a region that can give you a lifetime experience and is worthy to remember.

Consider the season when you are going to reach your honeymoon destination.

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