Moorea Overwater Bungalows

8+ Moorea Overwater Bungalows: Experience the Ultimate Relaxation

Well, staying in Moorea overwater Bungalows is an amazing experience for life. This article will amaze you if your next target is staying over here in Overwater Bungalows Moorea like Pearl Resort & Spa Moorea, Sofitel Moorea, Club Bali Hai Moorea & Moorea Beach Lodge, etc.

Let us tell you one amazing thing you can drink tap water in Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora as well in all the international bungalows.
The best overwater bungalows in Moorea are affordable and give a pleasant luxury stay that will add a magical charm to your vacation.

Moorea is one of the best choices in French Polynesia because of its stunning scenery and water that is crystal clear.

The following details will give you a clear idea about the bungalows as there is numerous variety of shapes and sizes, that will be a tough choice to decide the best one for you.

Best Overwater Bungalows Moorea

1. Pearl Resort & Spa Moorea

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

The ambiance of the Pearl Resort and Spa, 4-star Moorea has a reliable Polynesian tropical island. There are 28 overwater bungalows (517sq.ft.) and each one has a glass floor window to view the sea life below.

Moreover, a better-sized sundeck with direct access to the lagoon. There are 8 water Bungalows in shallow water nearest to shore as well as such face the island with the backdrop of their mountains.

If you are interested in deeper bungalows, there are 20 Deluxe overwater Bungalows in deeper water that have ocean views along with more privacy.

The Moorea over-water bungalows at the pearl create the best pastime on vacation. You can even spot sea turtles, eels, octopus, triggerfish, sharks, angel fish, and many more.

You can get the benefit of the activities even from the deck because the bungalows are not that deeper.
Manava Moorea overwater bungalows, you can enjoy swimming in the infinity pool.

However, the white sand beach are not having umbrellas. For a relaxing Tahitian Massage, Manea Spa is worth visiting.
To drive all around the resort, one can rent a scooter from Belvedere Point.

The nearby shops, market and post office, banks, and car rental are within 10 minute’s walk.

  • Price: $400 (approx)
  • Location: Bp 3410 Tenae, 98728 Moorea, geographical location: 17 32 19 South, 149 49 46 West
  • Contact Details: +68940508445

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2. Sofitel Moorea Luxury Overwater Bungalow

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

The 4-star has 39 overwater bungalows with glass floor panel views at logan. The specious stay will be luxurious heer. The terrace will be large over at villas.

One can spot fish underneath the glass floor and all the activities there.
Luckily one of the most beautiful stretches of accessible white sand on Temae Beach lies adjacent to the hotel.

This beach is the number one beach in Tahiti. The hotel is just 5 minutes away from the airport. The preferred language of the resort staff is French.

  • Price: $549 (approx)
  • Location: Moorea, BP 28, 98728 MAHAREPA, FRENCH POLYNESIA
  • Contact Details: +68940551212,

3. Club Bali Hai Moorea

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

The Club Bali caters to people who is having tight budgets. The scenery is beautiful but the villas are not in clear lagoon settings. They have built on the edge of Cook’s Bay.

  • Price: 200 (approx)
  • Location: PO Box 26 Moorea, French Polynesia, Moorea 98728, French Polynesia
  • Contact: +689 87 27 82 53

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4. Moorea Beach Lodge

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

The best thing about the lodge is that it is highly rated for its cleanliness. The Lodge is very convenient and comfortable for a low-budget stay. Check out the details below.

  • Price: $265 (approx)
  • Location: Pk 27.5 Cote Mer hauru Haapiti Moorea, Moorea 98729, French Polynesia
  • Contact Details: +6898723325

5. Te Ora Hau Ecolodge

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

The ecolodge is situated on a beautiful white sand beach. Te Ora Hau Ecolodge has situated 1 km from the village of Afareaitu. The hotel has private parking and also gives free wifi services. You can enjoy all the activities at the beach during your luxurious stay at the Te Ora Hau Ecolodge.

  • Price: $215 (approx)
  • Location: Afareaitu PK 8,2 c/mer, 98728, French Polynesia
  • Contact Details: +68987776809

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6. Fare Tokoau Moorea

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

All the amenities at the resort are amazing. The hotel gives numerous facilities with budget-friendly rates. The location is not so far from the market even so that you can roam around the beach easily.

Well, check out the below details for more inquiries. One can get a free cancellation with the friendly policy of the hotel.

  • Price: $175 (approx)
  • Location: PK 28, 5 Cote mer Tiahura, Haapiti
  • Contact Details: 68987352198

7. Anapa Beach Guesthouse

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

The guesthouse is situated in a quiet and peaceful location. At the same time, you can get to enjoy all the water activities and water animal hunting over here during your stay. You may find the definitely friendly staff there. Check out the deals if you have a tight budget.

  • Price: $205 (approx)
  • Location: G63V+396, Motu de TEMAE Board de Mer, Moorea 98728, French Polynesia
  • Contact Details: +68987277410

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8. Hilton Moorea Over Water Bungalows

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

The gorgeous 5-star Hilton Moorea Resorts & Spa has 54 luxurious over-water bungalows. The villas are divided into 2 categories with a sitting area and a king-size bed. The stay at these resorts gives you serenity and serves you with mountain and water views.
The resort gives you activities delight and you will see some of the amazing attractions just at your water’s edge. The majority of kinds of fish you can spot are neon striped and spotted fish.

You can enjoy all the scenery and activities from your deck in Tahiti. The Toatea Bar sits at the junction of the wooden walkways that lead out to the villas.

  • Price: $550 (approx)
  • Location: BP 1005, Papetoal, 98729, French Polynesia
  • Contact Details: +68940551111

9. Intercontinental Moorea Over Water Bungalows

Moorea Overwater Bungalows

The 4-star Intercontinental resort & spa has 50 villas along with superb views. They also have lower-price villas about 21 numbers.

In the deep water, an amazing 29 classics overwater bungalows are secluded and have open views across the water on all sides.

The five-star hotel is situated on the white sand as well as shaded by pandanas roof umbrellas at the beach. The location is perfect because it is 1 mile away from petit Village that shown to families and honeymoon couples.

However, the hotel is permanently closed after the COVID-19 effect.

Location: Tiahura, Moorea, 98729, French Polynesia

Getting into Moorea by ferry is simple. You can put the luggage in a cargo crate. You can easily organize your transfer with your hotel’s reception wherever you stay. Whichever you may select for your overwater bungalows, it will be definitely breathtakingly beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Overwater Bungalows does Moorea have?

The InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa contains 50 overwater bungalows and it has been the biggest resort. The resort has been set in 4-star settings.

2. The reason behind Hilton Moorea being closed?

The reason is that the proportion of disruption countenance by the tourism in “Tahiti and the Islands” and not able to predict market situations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hilton Moorea or InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa will not be serving further after the mandated closure time is completed.

3. Is there availability of overwater bungalows on the island of Tahiti?

Of course Yes! There are two resorts that offer overwater bungalows on the Tahiti islands. The resort is named Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and Spa and the Tahiti La Ora resort on Beach.

4. Which islands serve overwater bungalows?

Have you heard about French Polynesia: Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora used to be home to some of the biggest sought-after overwater bungalows in the world. Apart from this, Maldives, Fiji, Mauritius, and Cambodia are also having overwater bungalows.

5. Which is worth visiting, Moorea or Bora Bora?

Well, both Islands are worth visiting. Moorea is the simplest to reach and also worth the cheap cost to get there from Tahiti. Moreover, the island affords some great activities. Also, other great adventures to be had on land and on the water from ATV rides. Moreover, food visits sunset views on cruises, and hiking during the day is amazing.

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