The Best Underwater Hotel California, Huts, & Resorts

It was an eye-whispering moment to stay two nights in an underwater hotel in California. I have never thought that an underwater hotel could give me the next level of pleasure. The water animal near around gives a breathtaking experience. Watching exotic and rare fishes while dining was something I would never forget in my life.

I mean that spending a vacation in underwater hotels in California is divine and feels like paradise. Apart from providing a serene and romantic atmosphere in underwater hotels, it also gives an experience of scuba diving under the deeper ocean and it would be bliss if you are a water sports lover. 

So, if you are also planning to make a reservation for an underwater hotel in California, make sure to consider some basic things such as location, onshore activities, and packages. We come through numerous underwater hotels across California where some of that come with basic amenities, transportation, and food packages. With proper planning and budgeting, you can also get a comfortable experience. 

Four Seasons Resort

It was a great experience at Four Seasons Resort to spend quality time with my family. The views at this resort were amazing and I have no issues with hygiene because it was very clear as per my expectations.  The room I got was amazing with a hot tub and access to a swimming pool. I am just fond of the interior that room has and we paid $1350 for that room in Four Seasons Resort in California. Different types of rooms are available at this resort-like Vineyard Room King, Double Beds, Resort Room King, Palisades One Bedroom Suite, Resort One Bedroom Suite, and Palisades Double Bed. 

Underwater Hotels In California: What To Bring

underwater hotel California


When going to stay at an underwater hotel in California, it is essential to be well-prepared for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential things that you should carry with you.


  • You should have all the travel documents such as visa, passport, hotel reservation documents, and travel insurance documents. 
  • Swimwear for underwater facilities, light and comfortable attire for lounging and dining, and casual dress for day activities. 
  • Sandals or flip flops for the beach area and casual boots for walking on land. 
  • Cameras or good smartphones for capturing some highly exclusive moments. Don’t forget to bring chargers with you. 
  • Snorkeling and diving equipment can be a good option if you want to explore underwater surroundings. 
  • Carry basic first aid items and other prescription-based medicines. 

California Nearby underwater hotels

1. Bardessono Hotel And Spa

underwater hotel California


Bardessono Hotel and Spa is a luxurious hotel that offers some amazing amenities for its guests. The hotel offers several dining options, a health and dining center, and a full-service business center. The rooms at this restaurant are well crafted with a focus on providing immense wellness. The best time to visit this hotel is from April to October because the hotel got snow-covered during winter. Moreover, the hotel also has a wine shop, so you can enjoy this venue to the fullest. 

2. Alila Napa Valley

underwater hotel California


Alila Napa Valley is another luxurious hotel that is a perfect place to embrace Alila Wine’s culture. The place has acoustic culture and exquisite cuisine, which is well designed to create a perfect environment to feel like a home away from home. The hotel comes up with some luxurious views and accommodations.

Moreover, they are also offering some soothing treatments such as bamboo massage, Napa peel, hot stone massage, and a Napa Manicure. The peak time for making a stay at this hotel is from Late September to October. The weather is not so warm and not so cold, so it is the perfect time to enjoy the weather outdoors. 

3. Carneros Resort And Spa

underwater hotel California


Carneros Resort and Spa is one of the most enchanting places to stay with the best accommodation and amenities. The resort is located on a stunning hillside with views of redwoods and vineyards. Moreover, this resort is just a few steps away from excellent wineries, restaurants, and some other attractions.

The hotel also has a beautiful swimming pool for relaxing and admiring the view. Their library is stocked with more than 1500 books on a wide range of topics. The best time to visit this place is from May to October. At this time, you can experience pleasant weather, which is just starting to heat up, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. hich country has a hotel where you can sleep underwater?
Ans. California is one of the best options where you can experience sleeping underwater with fish. It will be a dream-fulfilling moment for everyone to sleep at such an amazing destination. 

Q2. What is the best month to go to Underwater Hotels California?
The best month to go to underwater hotels in California is from June to August when the weather remains warm and you can experience the breeze underwater during your stay. 

Q3. Are the Underwater Hotels California safe?
Ans. Yes, California underwater hotels are completely safe. People have shared their experiences and have given some amazing feedback for their stay in such hotels. 

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