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Great Barrier Reef Views From These Underwater Hotel Australia

Visiting Reefsuites is one of a kind experience that takes the guests to an underwater world. This underwater hotel in Australia is a perfect hideaway spot for those who are seeking a relaxing vacation that will make you fall in love with what is beneath the surface. Let’s have a look at what ReedSuites underwater hotel Australia has to offer!

Get A Better Understanding Of Reefsuites In Australia

underwater hotel australia

Reef Suites in Australia is a magical destination for water lovers. It is the very first underwater hotel in Australia that offers breathtaking views of the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. you will get the best experience with surreal underwater views that you might not have witnessed ever before. Features of Reef Suites underwater hotel Australia

1- Here Are Some Key Highlights Are Things Underwater Hotel Australia Has To Offer

Reef Suites is a reef world underwater hotel in Australia that provides unique underwater accommodation. They have 2 underwater rooms and each room has a king double or twin single options. Moreover, each room has glass-walled windows, premium bedding, floor to ceiling views of the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. This location is a beauty in itself and it takes you to the depth of the ocean where you might spot various species of fishes.

Coming to their food, they serve exceptional food at Reef Suites. The guests are served all meals which includes breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon teas, and dinner. You will have the best dining experience of your life under the stars and sitting and enjoying the underwater views. Apart from that, they also have spirits and cocktails.

Reef Suites Australia underwater hotel also offers adventure activities at the reef like private guided semi-submarine tours as well as snorkelling tours. The guests can also get access to the underwater observatory and do various optional activities like scuba diving at their own expense.

2- Reef Suites Underwater Hotel Australia Price

Reef Suites underwater hotel Australia’s price may vary from person to person. For singles, the prices start from $1,850, and for doubles, the prices begin from $1,050. You can bring your kids who are 6 or above the age and the company does not charge them anything.

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Underwater Hotel Australia Ree Suite What To Bring?

Here Are The Things To Take To Reef Suite:

  1. Carry your own toiletries
  2. Small overnight bag
  3. Carry a change of clothes
  4. Swimwear
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Hat
  7. Extra protective clothing
  8. Towel
  9. Torch or underwater light
  10. Sweater
  11. Carry credit card

Hotels Near Underwater Attractions In Australia

Here is a list of a few more underwater hotels you can visit with your family and friends:

1.  Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida, USA

underwater hotel australia

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, which was built in a former research institute, is named after the famous author Jules Verne. If the guests want to access their underwater rooms, they need to do scuba diving because the accommodation is located 21 ft or 6 m underwater. Those who are not certified divers might have to spend some more time on a diving course. Only after that, would they be allowed to swim below this underwater destination. From pizza dinner delivery to entertainment options and from hot showers to full kitchens, this underwater lodge offers all the homely comfort that you need.

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2. Manta Resort Zanzibar, Tanzania 

underwater hotel australia

Manta Resort is built along the serene island beach in Zanzibar, this place is a gateway for water sports lovers, adventurers, romance seekers as well as for those who need some privacy. It is said to be Africa’s finest island sanctuary one can ever see. Apart from that, this underwater destination offers beautiful garden rooms, gorgeous seafront villas,  water rooms, and a 13 ft or 4  m bedroom below the ground.

This private floating island resort was designed by Swedish engineers that has 3 area of levels such as sleeping surrounded by a tropical marine environment on the lower deck, lounging and dining on the water deck, as well as sunbathing and stargazing on the top deck.

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3. Niyama Private Islands, Maldives 

underwater hotel australia

Niyama Private Islands is located near the twin islands called Play and Chill in the Maldives. It is the most luxurious vacation destination one can ever get. Though this sublime property does not have underwater bedrooms, it is popular for its first underwater club which is known as Subsix. It is 1650 ft or 500 m spread out in the ocean and 20 ft or 6 m below the waterline. You can reach this underwater club via speedboat. The guests have to descend a dramatic three-tier staircase which is lit up by Italian abstract lights that give the effect of shining corals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How safe are underwater hotels?
Ans. The underwater restaurants are completely safe for the guests and the inhabitants of the ocean. The staff takes a lot of safety measures. Moreover, while building such underwater hotels, they are designed by keeping safety in mind. So even if there is an earthquake, it won’t cause any damage to the underwater hotels.

Q2. How much does it cost to dive in Australia?
The cost of the diving zones depends on location to location in Australia. On average, the prices range around $600. In this price range, the divers can get equipment hire, pool training sessions, certification, 4 open water dives, training fees, and other things.

Q3. Is there WiFi on the Reefsleep?
Unfortunately, there is no Wifi facility or cell phone network reception when you go underwater.

Q4. Who owns the Great Barrier Reef?
The traditional owners of the Great Barrier Reef are the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander community.

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