Top 7 Best Underwater Hotels In Florida In 2024

A trip to one of the Top 7 Best Underwater Hotels is an unmatched opportunity to experience luxury and awe. With its all-encompassing 360-degree view of the marine life, Zanzibar’s Manta Resort captivates visitors and offers a personal connection to the ocean. On the other hand, Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, which epitomizes luxury, dazzles with its magnificent aquarium views. Lovers Deep Submarine offers a unique romantic getaway experience for those looking for a submerged submarine experience in the Caribbean.

The world’s first all-glass underwater suite, the Muraka in the Maldives offers stunning panoramic views of marine life. Beneath the surface of the water, the Utter Inn in Sweden offers a tranquil and picturesque retreat. Near Shanghai, Shimao Wonderland combines contemporary 

Situated amid a striking quarry setting, contemporary luxury blends with the beauty of nature. Last but not least, for those looking for a close-up view of the underwater environment, Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida provides an exciting dive-to-your-room experience. It is a hidden gem.

These hotels are the best options for stays below the surface of the ocean since they each offer a distinctive view into its depths and combine luxury with the allure of marine life.

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1. Manta Resort


Manta Resort

Suppose falling asleep to a melody of aquatic life dancing beneath you. A stay at Zanzibar’s Manta Resort is an amazing experience that immerses you in the ocean’s core. With the vivid marine life of the Indian Ocean acting as your live wallpaper, this floating refuge offers an original blend of adventure and tranquility. The underwater chamber, cut off from the outside world, beckons you to a private experience with the ocean, leaving every second you spend here as a memory that will live on forever.

  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Dining Options: Offers local and international cuisine with options for seafood, vegetarian, and custom meals upon request.
  • Approx Cost: Around $1,500 per night.
  • Special Feature: The underwater room provides a 360-degree view of the ocean life.
  • Meal Prices: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are typically included in the package.
  • Location and Best Time to Visit: Zanzibar, best visited from June to October.
  • Official Website: Manta Resort Official

2. Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis The Palm


The Atlantean In Dubai, wonder meets luxury at The Palm. Floor to ceiling windows provide an underwater view of a bright aquarium, making each room an opening to the undersea world. It feels like you’re living in a regal bubble with the grandeur of the ocean all around you. The luxury of the hotel is reflected in the extravagance of the city, making your visit an opulent voyage through luxury, cuisine, and culture. Every look out the window feels like a dip into an underwater fairy tale here.

  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Dining Options: Multiple dining venues offering international, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisines.
  • Approx Cost: Around $8,500 per night.
  • Special Feature: Floor-to-ceiling views of the aquarium.
  • Meal Prices: Varies by restaurant; approximately $100-$500 per person per meal.
  • Location and Best Time to Visit: Dubai, best visited from November to March.
  • Official Website: Atlantis The Palm Official

3. Lovers Deep Submarine


The Southerner Wonder and class collide at The Palm in Dubai. Every room has windows from floor to ceiling that open out to the underwater surroundings, offering a view of a vibrant aquarium below the surface. The power of the ocean seems to envelop you, giving you a sense that you live in a regal bubble. The extravagance of the town is mirrored in the hotel’s opulence, making your vacation an excessive exploration of luxury, food, and culture. The location is like diving into an underwater fairy tale with every look out the window.

  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Dining Options: Personal chef service offering gourmet meals tailored to guest preferences.
  • Approx Cost: Around $215,000 per night.
  • Special Feature: Exclusive submarine experience with modern amenities.
  • Meal Prices: Included in the stay.
  • Location and Best Time to Visit: Caribbean, best visited from December to April.
  • Official Website: Lovers Deep Submarine

4. The Muraka


The Muraka in the Maldives is a testament to human ingenuity and the beauty of the ocean. As the world’s first all-glass underwater suite, it offers an immersive experience that’s both tranquil and exhilarating. The panoramic views of the marine life around you create a living tapestry that changes with every passing moment. It’s a place where luxury, nature, and architecture converge to offer an experience so surreal, it feels like a dream.

  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Dining Options: Personal chef and multiple dining options at the resort.
  • Approx Cost: Around $50,000 per night (4-night minimum).
  • Special Feature: Panoramic underwater views.
  • Meal Prices: Included in the package.
  • Location and Best Time to Visit: Rangali Island, Maldives, best from November to April.
  • Official Website: The Muraka Official

5. Utter Inn

Utter Inn


Utter Inn in Sweden is the epitome of simplicity and charm. This underwater hotel offers a quaint, cozy retreat, far removed from the hustle of modern life. It’s like stepping into a storybook where the lake’s serene waters cradle you into tranquility. The views beneath the water surface open a window to a peaceful, unexplored world, making your stay a journey back to nature’s loving embrace.

  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
  • Dining Options: Basic meals provided, with an emphasis on simplicity and local cuisine.
  • Approx Cost: Around $250 per night.
  • Special Feature: Simple yet charming underwater bedroom.
  • Meal Prices: Typically included in the stay.
  • Location and Best Time to Visit: Västerås, Sweden, best visited in summer months.
  • Official Website: Information not readily available.

6. Shimao Wonderland


Shimao Wonderland near Shanghai is a futuristic marvel, seamlessly blending with the rugged beauty of a quarry. It’s a place where modern luxury meets natural wonder, offering a unique perspective both above and below the water. The hotel stands as a symbol of harmony between man-made structures and the natural world, providing an experience that’s as exhilarating as it is peaceful. Here, every moment is a celebration of innovation and the splendor of nature.

  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Dining Options: Offers a variety of dining experiences including Chinese and international cuisines.
  • Approx Cost: Around $15,000 per night.
  • Special Feature: Integrated with the quarry environment, offering unique views.
  • Meal Prices: Approximately $100-$300 per person per meal.
  • Location and Best Time to Visit: Near Shanghai, China, best visited from October to November.

7. Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge

There is no experience like the one offered by Florida’s Jules Undersea Lodge. This is a voyage to the bottom inside the ocean, instead of just a place to stay. It’s a secret gem beneath the ocean floor, only accessible by diving, and it offers a special combination of excitement and peace. The lodge offers a cool, personal setting where the mystery of the ocean envelops you, allowing you to have an up-close and personal experience with the undersea world.

  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
  • Dining Options: Chef-prepared meals delivered underwater.
  • Approx Cost: Around $675 per night.
  • Special Feature: Unique dive-to-your-room experience.
  • Meal Prices: Included in the stay.
  • Location and Best Time to Visit: Key Largo, Florida, best visited from December to May.
  • Official Website: Jules Undersea Lodge Official

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do underwater hotels impact the marine environment?

Ans: Responsible underwater hotels are designed to minimize their impact on the marine environment. Many use eco-friendly materials and practices, such as coral reef restoration projects and using renewable energy sources. However, the environmental impact can vary, so it’s advisable to research each hotel’s environmental policies.

Q2. Can you hear the ocean in an underwater hotel room?

Ans: In most underwater hotel rooms, you cannot hear the ocean due to the thick glass and insulation used in construction. These design features ensure a quiet and serene environment for guests. However, the visual experience of marine life is unobstructed.

Q3. What is the average cost of staying in an underwater hotel?

Ans: The cost varies widely depending on the hotel’s location, luxury level, and amenities. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars per night for simpler accommodations to tens of thousands for luxury suites.